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Why Workplace Checkin?

A complete Human Resource Management Solution which is especially designed for your business to save time, cost and boost productivity. Workplace Checkin automates your HR and allows you to manage everything with just a single click.

Mobile Application

Automated Reports

No need to maintain timesheets on manual and endless spreadsheets. Manage employee attendance, tasks and track their work hours with the simple click of a button using Workplace Checkin.

For all kind of teams

No matter the team size, or industry; Workplace Checkin can be configured to suit your specific needs.

Role Based Features

Workplace Checkin provides role-based dashboards, delivering the right information at the right time.

Employee Tracking

With Workplace Checkin, employers can get a detailed outlook of their employees’ time and work efficiency.

Email Notifications

Get notified with Workplace Checkin for all employee activity via email and push notifications.

Punch Requests

Check-in, check-out, breaks, all handled and reported intelligently by Workplace Checkin.

Attendance Report

Easily create reports to analyze your employees' work time with Workplace Checkin.

Leave Management

Handle leave requests with ease. Gain real time request tracking with Workplace Checkin.

Payroll Automation

Manage your payroll with ease. Workplace Checkin manages payroll of your employees automatically.

Event Management

Create the upcoming events in your organization and share with your team to keep them updated.

Focusing on you

Work Smart

Let Workplace Checkin manage your human capital so you can focus on othar vital tasks and work smart

Customer Support

24/7 customer support so you are always connected with our solution experts when you need them

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Flexible Plans

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Integrates with your tools

Workplace Checkin integrates with your existing tools, services, & workflow. Get notifications or create a story with other tools.

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